Construction Management is typically broken into two phases: pre-construction and construction.


Pre-construction is the first phase of construction management. The pre-construction phase is also referred to as the "Project Development" phase. 


The Construction Phase includes services such as finalizing scopes and contract amounts with contractors, reviewing purchase orders and contracts, coordinating with government bodies for compliance, coordination and scheduling of contractors, vendors, and shipments, safety management, daily logs, progress meetings and compiling close-out documents.

Construction Management


Project Development Services


Pre-construction is the first phase of construction management. The pre-construction phase is also referred to as the "Project Development" phase and consists of the following services:

Confirm macro project goals and criteria. This would typically include expected service volumes, maximum budget, etc.

Obtain and/or generate project layout with architect and engineers.


Obtain and/or generate utility demands and discharge amounts.


Generate construction estimate of costs and schedule.

Generate project monthly construction cash flow.


Generate effective and detailed bid packages for the various areas and phases
of the expansion.


Evaluate and make recommendations for:
- Building materials
- Floor and wall coatings
- Insulation R-values and other energy considerations
- Various items including dock equipment, material lifts, elevators, etc.
- Cabinetry and casework
- Process piping
- Electrical service requirements and lighting
- Process equipment, conveyor layout and fabrication
- Paving thickness and material types including asphalt, concrete or permeable


Community Services

We believe in giving back to our community and worthwhile organizations. Too often, non-profit organizations including churches, private schools, community centers, youth service centers, senior centers and others enter the construction market without an experienced professional to protect their interests. CSC Construction Group, LLC has the experience to ensure your organization receives the best possible value for its hard-fought dollars. We have a history of philanthropic work including board memberships, monetary donations to charitable causes, and donated expertise. We believe in helping people.


Contact us to discuss your project and our substantially reduced fees for non-profit organizations. We want to help you accomplish your mission and goals... and make the most effective use of every possible dollar.

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