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Kathi Smith

Kathi Smith


Kathi Smith graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in‭ ‬1993‭ ‬with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy.‭ ‬She later went on to earn her Master of Business Administration degree,‭ ‬summa cum laude,‭ ‬from Northwest MO State University.

‬Kathi spent the first part of her career working in governmental accounting, first as an accountant for the state of Missouri,‭ ‬Department of Mental Health, then as a compliance auditor for the Missouri Gaming Commission.‭ ‬

In the following decade,‭ ‬Kathi worked in education,‭ ‬spending time as a mathematical item writer for CTB McGraw Hill,‭ ‬followed by several years teaching high school mathematics,‭ ‬business,‭ ‬and marketing classes and leading the DECA chapter.

Since CSC's inception, Kathi has been responsible for project accounting for all construction projects undertaken by CSC Group. From the initial purchase order to the final payment, Kathi ensures the behind-the-scenes paperwork is accurate, useful to our team, and timely. Kathi resides in Sedalia, Missouri.

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