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Brian Smith

Brian Smith




Brian Smith received a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1986. Recruited after college by Cargill, Inc. as a plant and project engineer, Brian gained substantial training in industrial safety and loss control, industrial environments, project development, corporate capital approval processes, and employee involvement. This set the foundation for a career in industrial construction and project development.


The next two decades were spent working for two general contractors. Starting as a field-level construction manager, Brian then worked as an estimator, a project manager, a technical/engineering salesman, and finally as a vice-president. Working with a variety of companies including Union Pacific Railroad, Cargill, BP Pipelines, Farmland Foods, Ameren UE and The Holmes Group/Rival Manufacturing, solidified his knowledge and ability to create value in the construction process and provide effective project management. These and other companies returned for repeat projects over a two-decade career.

Recognized by his peers, Brian has served on various boards including:

- State of Missouri Contractors Liaison Committee
- Varco-Pruden Buildings Presidents Advisory Board
- Varco-Pruden Buildings Marketing Council
- Sedalia Rotary Club Board of Directors
- Sedalia Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors and President
- Sedalia Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors


When the opportunity was presented to provide consulting and management services, Brian accepted and took his career in a new direction. This new endeavor proved ideal for his experience and integrity, which is now utilized by companies and non-profits to lower costs, foster effective relationships with suppliers, and safely construct high quality, on time buildings and equipment processes.

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