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Barry Smith


Barry Smith


Barry Smith received an Associate’s Degree in Auto Mechanics from State Fair Community College in Sedalia, Missouri in 1986. He began his career as a mechanic with Ditzfeld Trucking, where he gained experience diagnosing problems and finding solutions to keep a major trucking fleet safe and operational. Moving to a manufacturing environment, he gained experience with precision machinery, exacting standards, and maintaining manufacturing equipment.


As Project Manager for CSC Steel, LLC, Barry’s integrity, mechanical aptitude, experience managing employees, ability to meet deadlines, problem-solving skills, and capability to meet and exceed customer expectations is a perfect fit.


Barry has guided the CSC Steel erection crews through over 50 successful projects. Competent in both conventional steel and pre-engineered steel, successful projects include catwalks, minor building modifications, small and mid-size buildings, but also includes the erection of 100,000 square feet multi-story industrial buildings, numerous bridge cranes, as well as food processing facilities and grain milling installations over 90 feet tall.


Barry’s work ethic and passion for success have manifested itself in solid, professional erection crews. Barry’s precise standards and crew development have generated erection quality, modularity, and weather tightness that is rarely duplicated in the ironworking industry. Barry resides in Florence, Missouri.

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