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Personal ethics and integrity are the principles that led to the founding of CSC Construction Group, LLC. With 30 years of experience in multi-million dollar construction projects, clients can be assured of competence, professionalism, integrity, and performance.


CSC Construction Group, LLC provides a variety of cost-saving and project enhancement functions. Almost always, the savings we bring to a project far exceeds the fees for our services.

In contrast to most professional services which typically provide knowledge and limit risk to the owner for a fee, we provide services that cover our fees. We can enter the project at almost any stage and still provide value, but the earlier our involvement, the greater the savings.

Our goal is to provide satisfaction to our customers during every phase of construction.



Our consulting services help get your construction project started off right. Our focus is to be an extension of our client's construction and engineering resources, especially as an advocate for your company. Our engagements are based on the level and length of support needed.

Our construction management  services are focused on providing construction expertise, cost management, and problem-solving, to non-residential construction projects. When necessary, CSC serves as the General Contracting entity for customers who prefer a GC contracting arrangement, and for smaller projects.

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 Our sister company, CSC Steel LLC, is a commercial and industrial steel erection company that also designs and furnishes Varco Pruden and Nucor pre-engineered buildings.‭ ‬‬Visit CSC Steel's website here.

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Our community is important to us. We work with our local agencies and non-profits to provide philanthropic support in a variety of ways. We offer reduced rates in certain circumstances. 

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